PacSun Bikini Flash Mob

Bikini Flash Mob

A few weeks back we produced a flash mob with Smashing Young Lad for PacSun. PacSun was looking for a creative way to introduce summer and get everyone ready for the new swimwear line. After a couple of rehearsals we had approximately 50 dancers show up on the lawn in front of the PacSun at The Grove in Los Angeles. The Grove gave us permission to shoot atop the roof of another building and we had 4 cameras on the ground along with a stationary camera on the DJ dance set. The project quickly became PacSun’s most successful video launch to date with positive feedback from the brand, vendors, customers and bloggers alike. We had a 48-hour post-production deadline for release in which we had to transcode 6 cameras to ProRes, edit, mix the audio tracks (live recordings, DJ set and Grove mall music), get approval, color correct, compress and deliver to Active Matter for social/influencer outreach.

Project title: Bikini Flash Mob
Year: 2011
Project Debut: 5/11/2011
Film Location: The Grove, Los Angeles

Client: Pacific Sunwear of California, Inc.
Director of Marketing: Heidi Adams
Agency: Smashing Young Lad

Executive Producer: Josh Hubberman and Scott Kircher
Produced by: Timothy Ryan
Production Company: TAR Productions
Creative Director: Timothy Ryan
Director of Photography: Jay Lorenz
Camera Operators: Scott LeDuc, Tomas Whitmore, Johnathan Nafarrete, Tom Kanschat
Editor: Jay Lorenz
Music Licensing: Smashing Young Lad
Social Media: Active Matter

Mike Monteiro on Clients

A few weeks back I came across a very interesting video by Mike Monteiro and his lawyer Gabe. The two gave a 20-minute talk at Creative Mornings in San Francisco on the ins & outs of the business side of creative work and contracts. The video has since gone viral and blogged about many times and I knew I’d be writing my own blog post about it….just didn’t know when. The reason being is I knew I’d watch the video two or three times over again (and I since have done so) and would take away new understandings each time and use the video as a point of reference while doing my SOW and proposals. The talk brings up several important points for creatives AND clients. Although the talk is given from the point of view of the creative it is straightforward and will shed light onto both parties on what to expect when hiring a creative agency for your company or being hired by a company if you’re a creative.