Put video to work

10 Easy ways to market video that you should be doing right now.

1. Video File Title – SEO, Increased engagement and click count all by naming your file what your audience might be searching for.

2. Social Media – From 15 second edits for Instagram to promoting on Facebook and Google+. It’s simple to promote to your friends, after all you already have a target audience you’ve curated.

3. YouTube – Make sure the file name you upload is relevant to what your audience will search for. Add tags, customize your title and description. Also include a link to your website.

4. Product Videos – clothing brands, tangible products can use video to show a product more than a photo.

5. YouTube ads– Only pay if someone watches the whole thing and build a subscriber base.

6. Branding – great way to connect with your target market. First Kiss was actually an advertisement for a clothing brand.

7. Prospective Clients – Warm them up before that first phone call or meeting.

8. Explainer videos – Use video to explain what your product is, how’s it different and why it’s the best.

9. Press Release – Use video to communicate to large groups of fans, customers, employees, or people in foreign countries (captions) via a Press Release. Our HouseCall video did just this and has been racking up the view ever since.

10. Instagram Direct Messages – Unlock hidden treasures for your top fans with direct video messages.

11. Amazon product listings – This is a bonus for two reasons: It’s the future and Amazon is keeping this technology proprietary (for now). They’ll soon release it to everyone, I would imagine.