Heartbeat 12

Welcome to the Heartbeat- a roundup of interesting facts, studies, news, and tidbits on health, diet, and living your best life. To reduce food waste, eat nutrient dense foods that are satiating. Ignore studies like this that feed participants muffins for breakfast. I’m a fan of animal protein as it’s often full of vitamins and minerals, but there’s a limit… Continue reading Heartbeat 12

Optimal office setups

I returned to my office this week. It’s nice to be back in an environment with clearly distinct separations between life & work. I had that same feeling of the unknown and excitement that’s familiar when starting a new job. What I really enjoyed was having my desk and monitor back. I like to work… Continue reading Optimal office setups

Paternalistic Benefits at Work

I’ve long been a fan of Basecamp the company. Their thought leadership is strong, and I think this is something that comes from the top of the organization. I use an “@hey.com” email address and listen to their podcast Rework. I’ve read several of their books and it’s had a positive impact on my work process.… Continue reading Paternalistic Benefits at Work

Generations of Mom & Pops

My daughter has been getting into skateboarding recently. After waiting long enough to filter out a potential flash in the pan interest we decided to get her some pads to go with her helmet.  To do this, we drove to the skate shop down the street. It was the same skate shop I got my first skateboard… Continue reading Generations of Mom & Pops

What’s a Computer?

Apple announced a series of new devices yesterday, and they continue to blue the lines between computer, tablet, and phone. They released a Pro version of the iPad with a pretty impressive display and a M1 chip- the same chip that powers their new computers.  A device this portable, available with a keyboard, built in… Continue reading What’s a Computer?

Hard thinking

If there’s been one thing about this pandemic it’s that work has changed forever. When forced to adapt things must change. Instead of trying to replicate what work used to look like for teams and organizations, we should be shifting our focus and asking, what can work look like? Work doesn’t have to happen in… Continue reading Hard thinking

Dose Dos

I got my second vaccine this week- Moderna. I had been told that the side effects of the second dose are brutal, with Modern having greater side effects than Pfizer, and that the healthier you are the greater the side effects. I’ve not looked at the “data” behind this, and suspect it’s hard to track… Continue reading Dose Dos

Human Non-fungible

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are a second wave of sort of cryptocurrencies. They run on the same decentralized, block-chain technology that powers Ethereum, where every transaction is recorded by the network of computers running the platform. NFTs are unique- there can only be one that is authenticated by the token, thus creating it’s value. Jack Dorsey’s… Continue reading Human Non-fungible

True cost of food

We used to spend 18% of our income on food, and 9% on healthcare. Today, we spend 9% of our income on food and 18% of healthcare. A soda might cost you $.99, but the true cost can be as high as $4.00. There‚Äôs a difference between the dollars and cents we put towards our… Continue reading True cost of food