Broadening a global brand.

Quiksilver is an internationally recognized lifestyle and action sports brand with authentic roots that expands into several niches. They pioneered the board short in the 1970s and have lead the market since day one. We partnered with Quiksilver to expand on this message with a national commercial campaign that matched their print efforts. Our goal was to continue to push the culture that Quiksilver influences in a manner that is often overlooked in today?s digital world. We wanted to connect surfers, skaters, sports fans and fashion focused consumers together in a unique world.

This project proved to be a huge demand for a brand with a global footprint and influence. We were working in a remote international location, far off the beaten path with high profile athletes all arriving from different parts of the world. Logistically, we had our hands full. Creatively, we were prepared and knew we had ample time to get each shot.

we were traveling with a crew of nearly 20 people for 9 days in the city and jungle of thailand.

Quiksilver had scouted each location and helped us create a storyboard for each of the 4 spots we were creating. We had a strict schedule to follow for each day, but being in tropical Thailand where the unknown is always present, we allowed for 3 full contingency days in our production schedule.

quicksilver_1_rIn our conversations with Quiksilver, we wanted to have the roots and heritage of the brand at the forefront creatively. Using our location as a character, and knowing that Quiksilver was born in the 1970s, we decided on shooting this campaign on Super 16mm film, a tribute to the popular 16mm film format during the brand?s inception. Many surf culture films were shot on 16mm during the time and it would would match beautifully with Thailand and the rural landscape.quicksilver_elephantFilm camera packages tend to be much larger than their digital counterparts. This means more equipment, more lead time to set up and more crew to accomplish the goal. We were traveling with a crew of nearly 20 people for 9 days in the city and jungle of Thailand. Traveling with this fragile equipment and film negatives requires skill and care. We were carrying 12,000 feet of film, several lenses, two camera bodies and several accessories.quicksilver_krabiThe final product resulted in 5 spots for Quiksilver that was used for broadcast commercials, TV spots, retail POP displays and live event webcasts served up to more than 40 countries. Each spot had a title and specific objective during the shoot, as outlined in our storyboards. This was something that we were very cognitive of during the production days. Since we couldn?t watch the material on location we had to take meticulous notes on our shortlists. We came away with great material and Quiksilver ultimately wanted to create a 1:30 commercial that blended all themes.