TAR productions.

1302 north coast highway 101 • suite 201 • encinitas, california

Based in Southern California, TAR has traveled the world to produce films for global clients. Give us a call at 858-480-9575 or use the form below to find out how we can tell your story. Don’t know where to start? Use this template as a guide:

Hi TAR Productions,

I was checking out your work online and really impressed. My friend [Suzanne Smith] recommended I get in touch with after I told her about a project my team has been working on.

I’m a marketing manager at [Under Armor] and we’re launching a [new line of product based around our new breakthrough, sweatproof technology for triathletes, cyclists and swimmers]. We’ve been working on it internally for 2+ years and it’s going to launch in the next 6 months, in time for the triathlon season to start. I’d love to partner with you on an awesome video that will take the product launch to the next level.

We’ll need to really make an impact with our core customers but also reach out non-endemic customers as we believe this product will have a positive effects on anyone doing general training as well.

You’ll be working with myself and our CMO, so we can move pretty quickly. We need to keep our budget in the $90k-$115k range, but might be able to allocate a bit more if the right case were made.

I’m happy to provide more details and I look forward to speaking with you guys about your process and how you might be able to help us make this project a success.


If you’re interested in joining the TAR Productions team please email us at team@tarproductions.com with your name, experience, links and location. Be sure to do something to make yourself standout.